Sue Westwood

Hi my name is Sue and I have lived in Wollondilly Shire for around 25 years. Before starting my family I was a veterinary nurse. After having my two children I worked part time as a doctor’s receptionist. Both of my children attended primary school and high school in Wollondilly Shire. I now have two grandsons, one is in year three and one will be graduating from Pegasus at the end of 2014 to start kindergarten in 2015. Both have attended Pegasus Early Education Centre and have benefited from their experiences with the transition to primary school made much smoother due to this time.

Due to my families interest in horses we joined the local pony club (Wollondilly Pony Club) where I became secretary and still hold this position (22 years later) and through this club I became interested in Ride for the Disabled Wollondilly Centre where I am still a helper (22 years later).

I have worked with many parents and children, able bodied and disabled which I think has taught me many things of value in life, for example- patience, compassion, be happy in life with the many negative things that are thrown at us, tolerance and to see the world at times through the eyes of children and I hope I can bring these values to the workplace and help enrich the life of young and old alike.