Hi, my name is Christina and I live in Buxton with my husband and our son Brock who is now 7 years old. I grew up in Tahmoor and spent some time in North QLD before returning back to Wollondilly. My son attended Pegasus since he was 2.5 years old and when it was time to say goodbye and go to school we became a part of the Pegasus family in 2017. I primarily work with the Before and After-school care children, but at times you will find me in either room with the preschool children.

I completed my Cert 3 in 2005 and continue to learn new things everyday around the development of a child in many areas. One of my developmental interests which has been planted around the needs of my son and our family, are Sensory Processing Disorder and needs, Autism Spectrum Disorder, social and behavioral needs, along with thinking of experiences where these developmental needs can be experienced, practiced, supported and developed.

I believe behavior is communication, and children don’t choose to be “naughty” they are communicating and letting us know they are struggling in the situation/environment, and need help to cope with it. I also believe you can’t make a child behave better by making them feel worse, and in such situations need to be dealt with appropriately.

As a family we have experience constant temperatures, reflux, cholic, tongue tie, adenoids, grommets, speech therapy, sensory processing disorder, occupational therapists, psychologist, pediatricians, meltdowns, tantrums and many injuries. I enjoy working with children of all ages as they each bring their needs, achievements and excitements in their own stages.

I love spending time with my family. We all enjoying playing and watching soccer, playing baseball, watching NRL games and doing activities we can do together like the beach, and getting outdoors. Brock and I have recently begun our journey together with karate, I also enjoy playing music- guitar and drums.