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Signing In

Daily sign in is required, which is electronic now and can be completed on the iPad located in the foyer. You will need to sign this every day. Remember to sign for absences.


Children place their own bag in their locker. Please help them to find their locker.


Medication must not be left in the child’s bag. All medication should be handed to a staff member personally by the parent. Any instructions should be clearly written in the administration of medication form that a staff member will give to you.


Please feel free to spend time with your child and encourage them to be at ease in what will be a strange environment to them at first. When it is time for you to leave, explain to the child that you are leaving. Tell them to have a happy day, that you love them and that you will see them after afternoon tea. Always tell staff when you are leaving so we can help with any departure difficulties. If you are unsure, please ask – we are here to help make YOUR first day a trauma free experience too!

Our staff understands that it is difficult for parents to leave their child for the first time and encourage parents to call throughout the day to check on their child’s progress.

Our team of Early Childhood educators also suggest that you always let them know when you are leaving. This will let the staff give a little extra support to your child should they need it. Also try not to prolong the farewell, always say “Goodbye” or “I’m going now. I’ll be back this afternoon”. Giving your child a kiss and hug before you leave can also help with separation anxiety.

Feel free to ring as often as you like to check your child’s progress. First days are sometimes more difficult for the parents than the children.