Our Staff


GAYEMy name is Gaye Williams, I live in Picton and have worked in childcare for 20 years and it is my passion. I believe that our industry is so rewarding and stimulating. For me, all children deserve the very best start in their educational life and we can offer that here at our preschool because all of our staff have the best training and ability to help develop each and every child to their full potential in a fun and nurturing way. I have attained many qualifications over the years.
I have owned two preschools with my daughter, Melanie, who has been my partner and co-worker over this time frame. My hobbies and interests are swimming, walking, reading, sewing and community work.


MelanieHello, my name is Melanie and I am the nominated supervisor (which is a fancy name for Director) here at Pegasus. I have been a preschool teacher for 26 years and believe that I have the best job in the world, every day is different and exciting and filled with laughter and learning. I have a certificate from Wollongong Tafe and a Degree in Early Childhood Education from Macquarie University.
My husband Tony and I have recently moved to Mt Kiera (Wollongong) where we are going to be kept very busy with renovations for many years to come. I have 5 children- Joel, Kyle, Ryan, Amy and Lilly, so life is very busy for us but lots of fun. I enjoy going for walks along the harbour, gardening, snorkelling, standup paddle boarding, yoga and Tony talks me into the occasional surfing lesson every now and then. I am also particularly talented at shopping! I grew up in Thirlmere and attended both Thirlmere Public School and Picton High School, so I know the local area, schools and community well.
Research shows that the preschool years are a child’s most important years. It is believed that a child will learn more in their first five years than any other time in their life. As an educator I feel it is vital to create programs and environments that enhance and stimulate children’s learning through fun, play and socialisation. As an educator I have a keen interest and passion for school readiness programs and believe that there is a very large gap between the preschool environment to the school yard. At preschool we provide programs and activities that provide children with the opportunities to learn and practice skills that they will help them cope with the challenges of starting school.
I look forward to meeting all the new families and welcoming them into our “Pegasus family”.


SarahHi, my name is Sarah and I am one of our services Certified Supervisors and a room leader. I live in Picton with my husband Ryan, who is a primary school teacher. We are expecting our first child in January. I have lived in the Wollondilly area since birth and love the relaxed atmosphere country life has to offer. I have been an Early Childhood educator for 8 years now and hold my Diploma of Children’s Services. I plan to complete my Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education- Birth to Five years) over the next few years.
I absolutely LOVE my job! No two days are the same and sharing in the children’s delight at their achievements is so rewarding. As an educator I strongly believe that our role is to guide, support and foster each child’s learning and development in a holistic manner. Children’s learning is dynamic and complex; each and every child is unique and individual. It is not about highlighting what a child cannot do, but rather celebrati ng what they can do and using these emerging skills and interests as foundations for further learning.
When I’m not busy having fun at preschool I enjoy reading and creative writing, kayaking, boating, weekend walks and adventures and the occasional few hours of scrapbooking here and there!
I have enjoyed every minute of my time with the team here at Thirlmere Pegasus EEC since we opened in 2008, meeting so many wonderful families and children along the way and I look forward to meeting many, many more!


CAITLINHello, my name is Caitlin and I am one of the Certified Supervisors and room leaders at Pegasus. I have lived in the Wollondilly area with my family since I was 4 years old and have attended local primary and high schools. I have witnessed over the years as our community has developed and grown dramatically in size. We have numerous family pets making my parent’s house very busy at time. My dog, Milo, is quite often the topic of my news time with the children.
I have been working in childcare since 2008 and hold my Diploma of Children’s Services. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Education (0 to 12 years) through distance education at Macquarie University- studying and working full time keeps me very busy! I love that every day in my job is different as well as the challenges this brings with it. I enjoy working with children from a range of ages as it nice to see the development stages that each year brings. As an educator I aim to provide the children with an environment that they feel safe, secure and welcome in.
My partner, Garry and I both have a love for car drag racing and enjoy spending our weekends out there watching. We have even traveled all the way to Las Vegas to see some of our favorite racers run their cars! My family has always been involved in drag racing with my sister and I racing previously and my dad working on the cars- so it was definitely a bonus to find a partner who shared the same interests. At the moment we are spending our free time putting an Altered together to race in the modified bracket.
I look forward to meeting all new families at the centre and working closely with them to give their child the best possible child care experience!


SharonHi, my name is Sharon Desisto. I am married and have two grown daughters. After being involved in a lot of different school roles while my children were at school, I decided that I would like to work with smaller children. I went on to study my certificate 3 and then my diploma. All of my little friends have great personalities and it is great to watch them grow and learn. My interests are gardening with the preschool children, which we do quite often. I also have many different types of animals that I like to talk about with the children. The great thing about being a preschool teacher is how social you are with the parents and their entire family.


JoelHi my name is Joel, I live with my mother (Melanie), step-father and gorgeous baby sister Lilly (who I am sure you will meet at some point) in Mt Keira (Wollongong). I lived in Buxton and Tahmoor for 18 years and attended local schools such as Thirlmere Public School and Picton High School, where in 2013 I completed my HSC studying English, mathematics, science, business studies and music. My life at the moment is mostly taken up by university and working at preschool, however I do also manage to fit in going to the gym, catching up with friends and caring for a bearded dragon (Bazza), my axolotl (Aristotle) and my many tropical fish. I am currently studying a bachelor of primary education at Wollongong University and enjoyed completing PEX (Professional Experience) at Buxton Public School. I have been working at Pegasus since October 2013 and have really enjoyed the experience and satisfaction that comes with working with children. I feel that physical education and development is very important in younger years, and practice this on a daily basis with the children which they really look forward to. I feel as though my keen interest in science flows on to my teaching practices in the classroom, as the children and I are often found engaged in spontaneous experiments. I have an interest in music and have played the guitar since my early high school years, I feel this benefits the children’s music and movement experiences in our programs at preschool. As an early childhood education I enjoy finding moments for spontaneous learning and as a young teacher I look forward to developing my skills through experience over the years.
Looking forward to meeting you.


ChristineHi my name is Christine and I come from a close family of six, myself being the youngest of four children. I have lived in the Wollondilly area since the age of two. I recently graduated year twelve in 2013 at Picton High School, obtaining my HSC and studying the subjects of English, Maths, Legal, Business, Retail and PDH.
I have obtained my certificate 3 in 2014 and am now working toward my Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. I enjoy my role as a Room Assistant and the co-ordinator of Book Club within the service.
Becoming an Early Childhood Educator has been a goal of mine for many years and I have found working with young children the most rewarding experience. I enjoy creating enriching activities to support their interests and experiences to challenge themselves and grow. I aim to create a relationship with each child in my care so that they feel valued, safe and supported and I can be an active participant in their learning and development.


JulianneHi my name is Julianne and I am a room assistance in both the Seahorse and Starfish rooms. I have been working at Pegasus since the middle of 2011. Before starting at Pegasus I was working at occasional care within Picton Council. After working in this industry for some time I decided to do my certificate three which I completed in 2014.
I find childcare to be a very rewarding career. There is nothing more satisfying than watching the eyes of a child light up with excitement and joy. I mostly enjoy seeing the personal growth and development of each child. I have 3 children of my own with whim I am very active in their sporting community, as I run the football canteen which keeps me very busy outside of preschool. I also enjoy reading, going to the beach and generally just spending time with my very large family. As I am the oldest of seven our family gathering always end in plenty of laughs.


JeaneneHi my name is Jeanene Kickert and I have been employed at Pegasus Early Education Centre for the past 6 years as an After School Care Teacher. I have lived in the Wollondilly Shire for over 24 years now and am happily married with two wonderful children.
My many interests include my family and friends, church, gym, walking, art, books, music, theatre and travel. I have completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Visual Art and a Certificate 3 in Education support, both courses providing me with more than enough knowledge and experience to perform my role as the After School Care Teacher here at Pegasus.
Our afternoons are filled with lots of fun crafts, art, dance, performances, cooking, games, indoor and outdoor play, laughs, conversations, friends and relaxation,
I find working with children very rewarding as they have an endless, infectious enthusiasm for life and all its magical moments, challenges and its firsts.


LeeHi my name is Lee and I do the cooking of a morning at Pegasus. I live in Thirlmere with my husband David who is a surveyor’s field hand, our two daughters (Lacey, 10 and Jess, 8). We were originally from Mt Pritchard and Moved to Thirlmere 4 years ago.
I have been cooking at Pegasus for nearly a year now. And it makes my day when I get feedback from the teachers and especially the children when they say they like or love something that was made for morning tea or their lunch. As one of my interest at home is cooking I like trying different recipes if they are a success at home then I will try it at work. Other interests are listening to music, having disco nights with my girls and heading down to our caravan at Moruya for some fishing, shopping and just relaxing.
I also do enjoy my job at Pegasus and I have slowly got to become familiar with a few families that arrive before I finish for the day


SueHi my name is Sue and I have lived in Wollondilly Shire for around 25 years. Before starting my family I was a veterinary nurse. After having my two children I worked part time as a doctor’s receptionist. Both of my children attended primary school and high school in Wollondilly Shire. I now have two grandsons, one is in year three and one will be graduating from Pegasus at the end of 2014 to start kindergarten in 2015. Both have attended Pegasus Early Education Centre and have benefited from their experiences with the transition to primary school made much smoother due to this time.
Due to my families interest in horses we joined the local pony club (Wollondilly Pony Club) where I became secretary and still hold this position (22 years later) and through this club I became interested in Ride for the Disabled Wollondilly Centre where I am still a helper (22 years later).
I have worked with many parents and children, able bodied and disabled which I think has taught me many things of value in life, for example- patience, compassion, be happy in life with the many negative things that are thrown at us, tolerance and to see the world at times through the eyes of children and I hope I can bring these values to the workplace and help enrich the life of young and old alike.


KadieHi, my name is Kadie and I am a mother of three beautiful children two blue and one pink! My partner Grant, children and I live in Thirlmere, where I have lived my entire life.
I come from a close Indigenous family with three siblings with whom I am still very close to. I attended Thirlmere Primary School for all of my primary years and now my son, and daughter (who starts kindy next year) attend. I graduated year twelve at Picton High School obtaining my HSC and had the honour of being School Captain in 1999.

I have obtained my Diploma in Children Services, Cert IV in OOSH and am currently studying my Cert III in Education Support. I have previously been a Director of an Out Of School Hours service for approx.14 years and even though I loved my job, the children and families, I thought it was time for a change, not with the field of work just the children’s ages and what a change it has been. I am very thankful to be working with such a great team of Educator’s at Pegasus Early Education Centre who have made me feel very welcome. I have also found the families to be very warm and caring and have helped make this change a positive one.

Working with children comes naturally to me as I find it extremely rewarding and fulfilling. I value each child as an individual, with unique abilities and interests and believe that all children should be treated equally and each child’s social and cultural background will be acknowledged and respected. I believe that each child’s family knows their child best, so as an Educator, will work in partnerships with families to ensure the best outcomes for their child. My goal is to create a sense of belonging where children can develop self-confidence, feel valued and connected to others.