Educational Programs

Our program is planned to provide quality care and education in a warm and stimulating environment. We design our programs to promote social, intellectual, emotional, physical and cultural growth in each child.

Programs are developed on a weekly basis and are the result of staff observations of the children and reflects the children’s needs and interests. Our program is flexible so that it can adapt to changed circumstances such as weather conditions. All programs are evaluated by staff on both a short and long term basis. The philosophies and policies have a strong influence on our programs and are developed in conjunction with our families. The program has a well-developed “school readiness” component that enhances the skills that children will require for the Kindergarten classroom. Skills such as:- listening, pre-reading and prewriting and a love of learning. The children will leave our service very well prepared for “Big School”.

Below is a sample of our daily routines:

2-3 year olds

.4-5 year olds