Welcome to Thirlmere Pegasus Early Education Centre

Teacher and ChildrenWe hope that you find the time you spend with us both happy and rewarding. Our Education Centre is your child’s new learning environment. Our highly trained educators are committed to providing the highest quality care and education to your children, by developing a close working relationship with the whole family. We trust that your child’s transition from home to our centre will be a smooth, pleasant and exciting experience.

Parents are welcome to come in and spend time with their child before they commence. Some children find that they feel more secure during the transition process if they have spent time with a family member at our centre prior to their enrolment date.

All children are unique and different and their settling patterns are all different too. Our early childhood teachers are only too happy to discuss your child’s settling progress with you.

We look forward to sharing with you your child’s early years and helping them develop their love of learning.

Staff at Thirlmere Pegasus
Staff at Thirlmere Pegasus Early Education Centre